Sitemap - 2023 - CheeseburgerGothic

Of course we can't all be Barbie.

Justice for Ken!

The Stone Marker.

"Inside the CIA's secret quest to unlock time travel with user beams powered by the human mind."

"You can't blow it out. It's already in the brain."

"I found you," she whispered. "I finally found you."

Food crime

"Blue skies smiling at me..."

Wondering if I should read some Martin Amis?

Will JB get an Apple headset?

Busy morning, so Imma let Mr Turtledove get you started.

Use the Force... against Nazis!

Post princess syndrome.

Refusing to take yes for an answer.

Breakfast in Canberra

Public. ((Shudder))

Sunday chat with Irvine Welsh

A new weapon in the robot wars: pencil and paper.

Millennials officially grumpy and old now.

In Canberra next Monday night.

Double R on the strike.

That was a day.

Dark Forest theory.

Cold walk.

Uhtred, interrupted.

This is frustrating

The chair is John Wick's dog

Decided to try Italian again

Finished a thing.

A good walk, ruined.

Top o' the world.

Switched up my martini order.

Is this thing still on?

Watched The Night Agent, on Netflix.

A requiem for the newsroom.

More thoughts on AI art.

So the army is the Marine Corps now?

Finished Picard S3. Enjoyed it.

Same but different.

Day 263 of not being allowed to use my own office chair.

Let me tell you about my groin.

Seven kings

Juggling all the things.

Dead Island too!

Wobbly blog.

The postman always scams twice.

If you have to explain a joke...

Yeah, I got some baggage.

Folded, not scrambled.


Brisbane. Sunny one day, a sanctuary city in a world overrun by the hordes of Hell the next.

"I hunted down the reviewer who was trashing my books on Amazon"

What I did on my weekend.

The long Good Friday

Fifteen, emotionally.

You've gone too far this time, Uber eats!

New migraine cure just dropped.

Yes, it me.

Nap time.

The bubble outside history goes pop.

Somebody talked about Fight Club.

I didn't even think about this for Weapons of Choice.

I would totally eat a mammoth meatball.

Those dope testers got some splainin' to do.

Meat 'n' 3 veg.

The best parmesan cheese is from... Wisconsin.

These words walk into a bar...

Be the boss of dancing.

Enforced day off.

The strong correlation between chocolate eating and Nobel Prize having.

The sounds of silence

Stop making sense again.


A PC? In my house?!?


The Bowlo

Just thought I'd leave this here. No reason.

Yeah, nah, don't think so, Reuters.

Back to the mat.

Sometimes you just have to get punchd in the face. Again and again and...

I am basically a twisted homunculus.

I think I found my favourite new bar.

Shared procrastinating space.

Ukraine gets the Studs Terkel treatment.

Saturday morning cake.

The big grift begins...

Did The Federation ban AI technology?

And this is even more terrifying.

Got very excited at this laser pack story. Then got a little bit scared.

Apple finds a way.

And unto hard rubbish ye shall return.

The Silence

Like a version...

Greatest ending to a lost dog story ever.

Gen Z break up.

Dear Sirs, I never thought it would happen to me, but...

Somewhat unimpressed with my cheap, shitty paring knife.

I don't know why it delights me that the Brits built a tea kettle into their main battle tank, but I can confirm that it does.

Boss Level

Settle down, tiger

"I'm comin' for you, JB. And bland, non specific plot points are comin' with me!" - Marshal ChatGPT


Proper Chips

A dog is hiding in this photo.

A bird strangles itself.

West End Strength

I'll take my apology black, with a dash of sweet revenge.

You're seeing it wrong.


My Top Five Amazing Post Apocalyptic Self Improvement Hacks That You Need to Action Today

Random dad wins.


Texas breakfast, Singapore edition.

The Habits of January.

The day that never happened.

M-60s for Ukraine?

The joy of new sneakers.

Naked iPhone

Apple gets into creepy AI narrated audio books.

The Vagabond Club Whisky Library

Alcoholic Vodka

The Washington Post wants me to do a deep clean of my entire house, and this is what's wrong with the media today.

Rogue heroes.

What I did on my holiday