Somewhat unimpressed with my cheap, shitty paring knife.We were given a half-decent knife block as a wedding present a long time ago, and over the last year or so I’ve gradually been replacing the kni…
I don't know why it delights me that the Brits built a tea kettle into their main battle tank, but I can confirm that it does.
Boss Level… would be a great name for the final Dave Hooper novel! Okay. Okay. More painkillers. Back to work now.
Settle down, tigerJust got home from a morning of surgery. Had a couple of skin cancers cut out of my back, one of them right on the scapula. This next bit is whe…
"I'm comin' for you, JB. And bland, non specific plot points are comin' with me!" - Marshal ChatGPTI’m not sleeping on the ‘threat’ from AI. But it’s not keeping me up at night either. Here’s a query I just fed ChatGPT: Using the story beats s…
Snip!Off to get snipped tomorrow. No, not like that. This is just another bunch of skin cancers coming off my back. I’ve had so many of these things …
Proper ChipsWednesday night was effectively Friday night because of the public holiday on Thursday. So, we had dinner at Green Glass because Jane had a long…
A dog is hiding in this photo.But I’ll bet you can’t find him because he is NOT in the pool. No. Not at all. Because that would be wrong.
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