Sitemap - 2022 - CheeseburgerGothic

Tools down.

How to build a small business...

This is my annual blog post reminding myself for 2023 that I never get anything done in December.

Thinking of getting into Yellowstone.


Spent the morning in the world of real things.

Job done

"Shave and a haircut..."

Needs more cowbell.

The downside of redundant systems.

I'm rich, rich I tell you!

First swim of the summer.

You may now attempt to cark it in my presence.

It's happening agaaaaain....

Joan Didion leaves Twitter.


Neuromancer to Apple TV!

The Road Runner Rules.

The prisoner's dilemma.

Just put the Cocaine Bear directly into my veins.

This is why I can't walk the dog. Or go to the shop. Or...

Not a fantasy map

A little sore but not at all sorry

Reality was the winner.

End times monster goldfish

Black Tide Rising story. A little taster.

Who Said It: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns?

A magical time of year

Muffin disappointment.

Finally! The end of the end of the world

Tulsa King is good.

Infographic of very rude compound word use on reddit.


The quail lady

The killer awoke.

Guy hates books, loses forty billion dollars.

9-5 Eminem

The Rockford Files. In Lego.

Mail out next week.

We all serve Clippy now.

To be fair, it is a very sexy book.

Siri dictation gets a small, significant and potentially annoying upgrade.

This is how the bird site dies.

Recovered Farside memories.

Terrifyingly appropriate business name generator.

Sweaty moustache dandruff, super-goth girl and $750 for a beer. Brisbane in the Before Times

Pinky the cat

Cory Doctorow is wrong about so much, but not this because I agree with him.


Watched Enola Holmes 2. It was good.

Damn it!

Jack Ryan gets ever more Jason Bourne

Wait. What? The phone call is back?

Thinking of getting a robot vacuum cleaner.

Undead parrot at The Oatmeal.

The dragon came good. Eventually.

It was the best of Twitter, it was the blurst of Twitter.

The Doctor will see you now, for a monthly subscription fee.

I think the artists can rest easy for a while longer.

Roach killing laser beam.

Less right than usual.

Step away from the scale, JB.

Wednesday Pork!

Larry the cat for PM.

The difference between price and value

A Kind of Magic, by Anna Spargo-Ryan

Mythic Quest S3 trailer.

I wish I had time to play video games

I don't want this new Kindle but I'm buying this new Kindle.

Arcade Wine

Time under tension.

Happy trails, Rick and Nomi

The foot-smell of an entire airborne platoon.

What I did on my very long weekend.

M*A*S*H at 50.

I'll send DoD an invoice.

Had some unwanted excitement this morning.

Dead queen day.

Cold turkey

Dictation software update.

Not this time, Mister Bezos.

Check list

Writing in the gym.

First lines of classic novels, if no one had childcare.

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

"It's OK, You Don't Have to Watch All Those Shows"

Canberra trip. Sept 30-Oct 4

There may have been a pizza episode.

Shots fired.

There may have been a pasta incident.

Scenario training

Tasmanian nerd living his dream.

Drakaris Prequelis

Operation Mincemeat.

Parade Rest.

Mail out pending.

The day you stop listening.

Elana conducts Appy's the Covid Tracking App's Exit Interview

Lonely guy movie night.

Birthday weekend

One year after the forbidden apple juice.

AI image generator for sci fi book covers

"Australian man finds his childhood Matchbox car – five decades after it went missing in England" - The Graun

25 years of Stargate.

Apocalypse ready tiny home on wheels!

The Storyteller’s Heaven

Another book I'll never write.

Very naked. And muddy. And crazed. (No, not Splendour in the Grass).

The worst most successful new cricket league in the world.

Scooter tips

Canberra cancelled

Compulsory early mark.

Doggy bath day.

Eric Flint 1947-2022

First share house

Frank Moorhouse, TV bartender.

Yes, be weird.

B2s at Amberley.

The multiverse of narrative madness.

The water bottle war.

Saturday Protein

Outhorse your email

WTF $125 Show bag!

The direwolf at my door

My very first Covid column

I'm a bit over this Covid thing, to be honest.


Felafel as a period piece?

The four basic food groups according to my calorie tracker. Champagne, chocolate, hot chips and pastry.


The last ep of The Last Kingdom

Dirty Dancing to the Muppet Show theme.

Plagiarism and post-modernity.

Bourne at 20

TBH I am pumped for Lightyear.

Where's my leaf 'n' twig at?

24 lettuces = 1 metric shit tonne of coal.

Toast is important.

Truffle confirmed.

Clean scan.

401 words.

678 words.

Back on my word counting bullshit again.


Helluva morning.

What I did on my weekend.

A duty to have parties.

Pump up the volume (of virus fragments).

How it started...

It just feels... so good.

A walk in the sun.

Back on my Swedish BS again.

Soma with a spinning disk.

The Fuzz

What I did on my weekend.

Forgot how to fly

The virus of doubt.

Oh man, this Kenobi trailer looks great.

103 thoughts...

Totes not about me.

When will I learn?

Back onto the mat.

An old friend passes.

A weekend at Supanova

This ain't helping much either.

Made a mistake.

Beer calories?

Embarrassing iPad injury

Fridge died.

First came the shock

A lethality race

The return of the strong

No Hryvnia for JB

The passing of PJ O'Rourke

Sad dad band personality types.

A spoileriffic discussion thread of THE SHATTERED SKIES.

Spoileriffic discussion thread for TSS coming next Monday.

The Even Crueller Stars.

Interview with Paul Semel re. punching Space Nazis.

Launch day!

Launch day. T minus 1.

Best laid plans.