Sitemap - 2021 - CheeseburgerGothic

Christmas crush.

Reverse seared rib eye

"Much mourning in the many glamorous locales she went bankrupt in..."

Meater probe review. (Sort of)


I gets the Apple welfare so I pays the Apple tax.

I need a new lawn mower.

Blow into the bag, Santa.

Voldermort, innit.

First cook.

Well this really tested my meagre mechanical engineering skills.

The global supply chain crisis is finally over!

Marvel at this Uptown Funkster.

A theory and taxonomy of 1990s Dad thrillers.

The second half of that beer is not worth drinking.

Death of the servo

Please explain.

The Wheel of Cheese

Betty's Burger's Lobster Roll.

The global supply chain crisis has one and only one upside.

Not so easy, is it boys?

Please, Siri, mercy.





A drip feed of dopamine hits

AirPods and dictation on Word.


What do you mean 'strange', Emily?

Cocktail class.

Invasion. (Apple TV)

A solar flare, a metal axe and a wooden stump walked into a radio carbon dating laboratory.

I decided to buy a Swiss Army knife.

Back to the mat.

Forty years.

Nippers training for old blokes.


Still no egg, but many preparations for egg.

Inflating my withered chest balloons

Saying goodbye to an old mate.

High school reunion

Weapons of Choice and the culture war.

Watched Foundation on the, er, big screen.

Conan needs an ultra wide monitor.

What to cook first?

My TV weekend is sorted.

Jack Reacher shrugged.

Ian McEwan gets C+ for essay on Ian McEwan

Shattered Skies proof copies

Bad leadership is something other leaders do.

Deal or no deal, the nuclear sub thing is too thinky to think about.

Hashtag 'Justin was right'.

Sleeper Agent

Orbital returns.

Nick Cave's great Charlie Watts story

Ugh. Craig Kelly was on me.

Weapons of Choice concept art.

Dead Dragon

Welcome, Salman.

Freedom day for JB

You've gone too far this time Xi Jinping!

On ships as characters.

Filling a big green egg-shaped hole in my heart.

Hardy’s last case.

Billy Summers

Burger very lite.

Roof gardens. Not just for possums now.

Morning walk.

New shiny

My wellness ran dry.

What I did on my birthday.

The U.S. Military's Super Sandwich

'France Gave Teenagers $350 for Culture. They’re Buying Comic Books.'

'Refused to trod'

The Gulp, Alan Baxter

Really hope I didn't give those Chinese hackers any ideas...

US $200 fries.

Who you gonna call?

It’s all upside from here

Infernal suckage machine

Recuperative reading.

Deadpool and Korg goggleboxing

The Scenic Rim

Lockdown V

I keep getting this close to shutting down Facebook.

Quentin Tarantino and the 30 page rule

The best secret breakfast

The Skills and Language of Jujitsu.

Podcast suggestion: The Rest is History

Scientists talking about the science of AstraZeneca. For a change.

Weapons of Choice. (AFA essay)

The Shattered Skies style sheet.

Well played, murderous Russian dictator. Well played.

The Tomorrow War is good, you fools.

Mood TV

Spoken words

"I used to be a normal urinator. Then I reached my 50s."

$8000 meal deal.

Happy 4th to my American readers.

I think we all know what actually happened here.

Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone and I am so here for it.

An oral history of Terminator 2.

Turns out music critics are history's greatest monsters.

Apple's Dad Rock Playlist has stared into my soul and seen the inner void staring back.

Surprising day.

Minority Book Report.

You can get bad pizza in Rome, you know.

Jason's excellent adventure.

Sydney Lockdown


When did the end of the world stop being fun?

The Cut

The Failed Promise of the Aerobics Revolution.

Bought some new speakers.

Yes, Weapons has been optioned. Yes, there is a screenplay.

Just one wafer thin narrative slice?

Jabbed! And puffed!

Embarrassing writer injury

Booked my first Covid jab

The cat-box equation

Four days in steel city.

Online book drinks.


The Shattered Skies/Cover Reveal

The end of The End of the World. Finally!

I was wrong about the end of the world.

New mate

From the Department of Predictable Consequences...

IKEA for killer robots

Whisky tango foxtrotted.

The Stand, 2020.

Road food

Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes.

Dopamine Jones.

Ukrainian Felafel

Manuscript away!

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Closing the Eye of Sauron

The island of deliverance

Pay me in exposure. No, you pay me *for* exposure.

That poem. Holy shit.

Destroyed by Umberto Eco's crazy Escher print book warehouse.

Broken day.

What I did on my holidays.