Sitemap - 2020 - CheeseburgerGothic

Have the best Christmas you can.

Rowing! Now with pixels.

Smiley is dead.

The absence.

A horse walks into a bar and gets edited.

Finally! Twenty plus years of jujitsu training pays off.

The rise of the machines

A thing I liked: The Liberator.

Staying with bread...

Pour one out for the cheese toast kings.

My babies, coming home.

Tough day at the keyboard

Why was I not told?

The Stand trailer

We're doomed, but the memes, at least, are fun.

Gonna need a cigarette and a cold beer after this Monster Hunter trailer.

But I don't want to fight for the Empire...

I’m a low information voter and I’m loving it! 

A thing I like: scrambled eggs.

Built me a marine.

Baby Kirk in Deep Fake Star Trek

Why I voted for Cthulhu.

Oh yeah, some work is gonna get done now.

Got up close with a sweaty man. Felt weird.

Not long now for the old girl.

NBN installed

Tiny little stories.

Lunch with Staffo

A hand grenade tossed into the foundations of my day.

Nostalgia publishing

I love Ted Lasso

I should have realised.

I am never complaining about distractions again.

Two drinks on the Senator

Running a little over length on the next book

Zoom dad fail.

The Year of Lethal Wonders

Friend of the pod.

Walk the dog, they said. It'll be good for you, they said.

Altered Carbon and Consider Phlebas cancelled

To do list trick.

Lost words.

British Officer Fitness Reports.

Damn you, Rona. You said I'd be beautiful.

Thinking about getting Flight Sim 2020

Gah, two migraines in two days.

Nice TCS review at Asimov's.

I feel you, Dorothy.

Yeah yeah yeah, they're an evil multinational evilcorp. But damn this ad is good.

"A man seeking revenge for the death of his puppy.

Back into lockdown in 3...2...1...

Rothfuss gets nuked.

Rocky without the music.

The Pleasure of Watching Charlize Theron Throw a Punch

Keyboard Shortcuts of the Gods

Apocalypse greens.

David Bowie and some friends sing HEROES and it's fantastic.

Workout worthy podcasts

When your time runs out.

A little taste of the before times.

Greyhound, a review.

I had my first experience of masking up on the weekend.

War of the Worlds review.

War of the Worlds

A professor of morbid curiosity.

How to keep the flame alive when you're undead.

WW 3.1. A sneak peek at the new Axis of Time novel.

Asimov's Foundation

Now that is a tasty burger.

The role of military SF in technological innovation

Shaken and stirred.

Where's my cheese

Conan answers your questions about COVID 19

My lawyer threatens the Chinese Communist Party...

Redefining sci fi.

Breakfast! I am saved!