Workout worthy podcasts

I don’t really dig on spoken word for working out. I have a bunch of embarrassing dad rock playlists for cardio and strength and I normally just stick with them. I get frustrated listening to podcasts or books at the gym. Especially if I’m just grinding on a treadmill or elliptical.

But I wanted to finish a podcast this morning (the second half of the Six Colours ‘secret’ podcast). Hit the elliptical, finished the episode, but still had another 20 or 30 minutes to kill so decide to roll onto the next pod. Clockwise. Thirty minutes. Four tech topics, four smart mofos.

And it was a very different experience.

Because it was so structured and time limited, and the contributors had to make their points quickly and concisely, it kept me engaged even as I was grinding out the calories. I’m gonna have to look around for some other podcasts like this. Not necessarily tech podcasts. That was just was was lined up this morning. But something with strict time limits. Constantly changing topics and/or panelists.

Suggestions are most welcome.