Busy day on the weights floor.

Had a couple of sessions back with my personal trainer, Darren, to start repairing the damage done by six months illness and about five rounds of surgery. I mentioned earlier that I'd lost a lot of strength, but my flexibility also went down the toilet, and of course I piled on the weight because I wasn't exercising.

There were a couple of exercises which I’ve seen Jane doing during her PT sessions… I couldn’t even begin to perform them.

Weirdly, although my cardio fitness also went backwards, and I had the whole collapsed lung palaver to deal with, its been the quickest to recover.

I have a way to go, but I'm starting to get back into my interval training, and I've dropped about 2kgs of flab over the last 5-6 weeks. Heaps to go, though. And I suspect most of that weight loss is from a couple of nutritional tweaks. I swapped a protein shake for my usual sandwich (or microwaved dinner leftovers) at lunch, and I've been taking a bottle of chilled water to my desk each day and sipping on that when I felt the urge to grab yet another tea or coffee... and the inevitable snack that goes with it.

I got back to jujitsu last week, and really felt the four months off. But everyone had been off with me. The dojo's been closed due to Covid restrictions.

Finally, I've been trying to make sure sure the dogs both get a decent walk every second day. I means I have to lead them all over our hilly suburb for an hour each time, but is a significant calorie burner in itself.