Please, Siri, mercy.

This bit from The Verge on how fitness trackers just won’t let you rest really struck a chord with me. Before I got sick earlier this year I was easily making my 500 active calories goal each day, and usually getting an hour plus of exercise.

Then it all went pear-shaped when I picked up that medieval chest infection. You can see it bite me early July. I pushed on pretending there was no problem, but eventually I just collapsed.

And everyday my damn watch would be at me like, “C’mon JB, you used to be cool. You can do better than this.”

Yes, I know all the trackers, not just the Apple Watch allow you to adjust your goals. At the end of July I dropped my goals down to just sitting on the couch, watching Netflix and getting better. I am better now, and closing my rings again, but it would still be a helluva lot easier if you could just hit a button that called a lousy rest day occasionally.

The Verge.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be excellent tools for anyone looking to build better habits. But people aren’t machines, and they don’t need to be shamed for breaking streaks or losing some fitness during a recovery period. This is doubly true for those dealing with life’s tribulations. No one wants to get a reminder to move when they’re at a funeral or going through a rough time. You should be able to hit a button that pauses streaks, mutes motivational reminders, and ideally, automatically sets easier goals based on your metrics when you’re finally ready to get back to your usual routine. Maybe then, people would feel less inclined to give up and let their trackers collect dust in a drawer.