My babies, coming home.

Five years ago today I signed over the digital rights for Felafel and The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco to my then publishers, Pan MacMillan.

Famously, things went a bit pear-shaped shortly after.

It was nothing to do with those titles, but it did mean that they were locked up inside the company vault for the next five years.

I wrote to the publisher yesterday and requested that the rights be reverted. They kindly agreed.

And so, a happy moment…

I was thinking of just re-releasing them, but flicking through Tassie Babes this afternoon I realised it is as much an historical document as anything, filled with references and technologies that had vanished into time.

So I might noodle around and wrote a few footnotes, explaining stuff like ‘Who was Jana Wendt’ and what was a newspaper.