Mood TV

I'd been meaning to write something for a while about the way I watch TV now, arrogantly assuming its the way everyone watches TV now. Of course.

But I kept getting caught up on this idea that in the age of streaming I watch series like I read novels. Usually one at a time and sequentially.

Otherwise the content tsunami just overwhelms you.

And I think that was true while the Netflix binge model was the dominant form. But it's not anymore. Most viewers who stream probably subscribe to a couple of services and some of them, like Disney+ and Apple have reverted to the older way of telling stories on screen. One episode a week.

I don't mind it.

I sort of appreciate it, because it takes away that sense that you absolutely have to finish something before you move onto the next thing. And it sets up certain times of the week as 'expectation zones'. When I knew that For All Mankind was dropping on a Friday afternoon on Apple, I'd get a little excited for the new ep, even if I couldn't watch it until Saturday.

It has kinda ruined my TV-series-as-the-new-novel thesis however.

Not to worry, though. I have another thesis, fresh from the polemic microwave!

Mood TV.

With effectively unlimited choice, but very limited viewing time, I find myself choosing what to watch by my emotional schedule. There are times I'm in need of some very light, pick-me-up viewing. In that case, at the moment, I'll usually default to Parks and Rec, Son of Zorn, or The Simpsons.

If I feel like really exploring a dark mood, I'll queue up Deep State or Apple's really bleak aerobics dramady.

Sometimes I just want the splodey, so for now that'll mean Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

And sometimes I might have the time and inclination to watch a movie, but that's not so often.

So I guess, I dunno, maybe I could unify the theories. I still tend to restrict myself to a small number of series, so I dont lose track of them and forget to complete the arc.

But increasingly, with time scarcity being a real thing, I tend to pick within that limited selection based on mood.


I did it.

I'm like Einstein but for pop culture.