Launch day!

It is definitely a weird thing being published in Australia by a publisher from the UK. The Shattered Skies officially dropped everywhere in the British Empire and her subject dominions today, and I've been busy doing promo work, but it's all online and mostly organised by my US publishing house.

I did go into the city this morning, but only to see my dermatologist as I mentioned yesterday. I got a clean bill of health from him. Woo Hoo! No melanomas have come back, just a couple of little blemishes that he's going to freeze off in three months when the Omicron peak has hopefully passed.

It was super quiet in the city. I didn't go right into the centre of town, but I could see as I drove to the surgery that there were very few people about. I guess everybody has decided to lock themselves down. Normally I would’ve dropped into Pulp Fiction to sign copies, but it just seems, I don't know, irresponsible to do so right now. In fact most of today would normally have been given over to driving around town, signing copies and schmoozing with bookstore owners and staff. It's one of those things you only get to do every couple of years, and I really enjoy it. But Miss Rona says no.

We can safely hang out here, however.

And as some of you have already grabbed your copies and dived straight in, should you have any questions as you're reading, drop them into the comments below, and I will devote a separate entry to them.