Launch day. T minus 1.

It's a funny old business, launching a book in the middle of a pandemic. Feels sort of disconnected. The Shattered Skies drops tomorrow, and I have to admit I thought it was next week. Once upon a time that wouldn't have been possible. Once upon a time we used to have book launches, and book tours, and rounds of media interviews and appearances all of them locked in months in advance.

Between the pandemic and the slow motion collapse of the publishing industry—or maybe it's just the slow motion transformation into something very different from what it was—either way, between all of those things it is possible to forget that I've got a book coming out this week.

Tomorrow, in fact.

I’d normally have spent this week going around bookstores signing advance copies, and I guess I could have done that. If Pulp Fiction got their copies early yesterday, that means lots of other bookstores did too. It's always nice to be able to go in and sign a few copies, especially for regular readers who are also regular customers at a given shop. It means you can do personal inscriptions and stuff like that.

Not this year, though. I’ll be out of the house for a short time tomorrow, but that will be to see my dermatologist for a six monthly check-up. Really hoping for no melanomas this time. After that I reckon I'll be heading straight back home. Brad Hazzard is right. We're all going to catch Covid eventually. I’d just rather not catch it tomorrow. I'm busy.

Instead, everything will be online. Increasingly, that's how it's been going with the industry anyway. And I'm pretty comfortable and familiar with doing my own pimping after five or six years of indie publishing.

I will do a mail out from here, probably next Monday. So that’ll look a bit weird to anybody who is a regular reader or lurker at this site, because I’ll be using the burger in its Other Form as a newsletter for the day. I’ll probably do something from ASB as well. It has enough subscribers now to be worth re-purposing, if only for a week.

I’ll do a couple of things around here, too, but not so much for publicity. Just for people who want to talk about the book.