I’m a low information voter and I’m loving it! 

Like a lot of people I know way too much about American politics. And I am sooo looking forward to cutting back on my roster of Never Trump podcasts, former Obama staffer newsletters and desperate pre-dawn headline checks with the New York Times and Washington Post. Having gorged myself on this shit for nearly four years now I’m constantly amazed by the idea of the ‘low information voter’ in America. I wonder, “How can you not?!?”

But the other morning, driving into the gym, I accidentally caught a couple of minutes of local news, which in Brisbane means the state election. I realised that since Ninefax cut me loose I haven’t have to read a single state political story and it has been fucking glorious.

I’m one of those mythical ‘low information voters’ the Americans go on about. I know who the premier of Queensland is, and I don’t like her - but that’s personal, not political. I do know who the chief medical officer is these days, thanks to the Rona.

And that’s it. Apart from my local rep, Di Farmer, who’s really good, I don’t know anything about state politics in QLD anymore and I’ve decided that’s way I like it.

I’ll vote, of course, because we have to. But I’m gonna to do what I always do. Greens first (because they don’t have a chance). Labour a grudging second, and mostly because of Di. Non-fascist indies next. Then the LNP. Then the inevitable Nazis.

How the fuck else am I gonna vote, unless I move those indies up in front of the ALP, and I don’t like doing that because I might accidentally elevate an actual Nazi. 

There is a sort of weird, lazy luxury in this. Not having to think about policies. Not having read any bullshit. Not having to listen to the lies and hot garbage. I get now how people can be like this about everything. It does my head, because wilful ignorance is a huge part of why we’re fucked. 

But man, it does feel luxurious.