I decided to buy a Swiss Army knife.

Honestly, it's not something I thought much about. It's not really a thing I've ever thought about.

But I realised yesterday afternoon as I was slitting open yet another Amazon delivery box that I borrowed Thomas's little knife (below) – a present from a friend posted to Switzerland about ten years ago – and never gave it back.

I use it more often than I would have imagined, mostly for little jobs around the office.

A couple of things surprised me about the Victorinox site, where I dropped my dough on an 'Explorer' model.

One, there's a helluva lot of different Swiss Army knives and some of them are almost parodies.

Two, it seems impossible to build or custom order the perfect knife, with exactly the toolset you want.

I think mine comes with a nail file, for instance, which I don't really want. On the other hand it does have a magnifying glass... so, huzzah!

I don't know that this purchase will measurably improve my life, but it seems a bit unfair to be holding onto Thomas's. I don't know that he remembers that he owns one.