Forgot how to fly

I’m on a plane at the moment. QF 625 to Melbourne where I’ll be denuding the city’s stores of pasta and cocktails for a couple of days.

It’s not the first time I’ve flown since Covid. But it is the only second and the whole time I was getting ready I couldn’t help thinking I was forgetting something

I was, of course. I forgot to check the contents of my Crumpler day pack for contraband. Specifically for weapons.

So I got pulled out of the security line when the XRay guys went off.

It was just my beloved little Swiss Army knife but I was given the choice of flying without it or not flying at all.

Well I’m up here at 30000 feet, using the Wi-Fi, so o guess I’ll be ordering myself a replacement knife when I get home.

Weird thing is there were some legit weapons in the bag that they let me keep. My steel pen and a wooden kubotan — both of which can do way more damage  than a glorified letter opener and corkscrew. And both of which I still have with me.

I think I’ll check them in with my suitcase on the return flight though