Filling a big green egg-shaped hole in my heart.

I'm normally pretty chill about Father's Day. I don't mind getting socks or undies. I can always find some use for them. But this year I'm kind of excited because I'mma be scoring the greatest Father Day swag ever.

This bad boy.

The famed and legendary Big Green Egg. After hearing a thousand podcast ads, I had been looking at getting a pizza oven for the summer. Jane had separately been thinking of a new barbecue cos our faithful old charcoal burner was getting a bit gnarly with age.

Next thing I know we're in a barbecue store and, as is her way, my good lady wife was drawn to the finest item in the place. An extra large big green egg.

I had read of this marvel and its bitter rival, the Kamado Joe. But never did I imagine I would have one (or the other) in my life.

Turns out I will.

I have already fallen into a YouTube spiral of Big Green Egg cooking videos.