Destroyed by Umberto Eco's crazy Escher print book warehouse.

Lobes sent me this mind blowing vid on the Twitz this morning. Umberto Eco looking for a book in his personal library.

Doesn't sounds like much, but just watch.

Until I watched Eco's long walk through the infinite folds of his origami book fortress I thought my library mojo was pretty good. We built two when we renovated, one upstairs for the fam and one that does double duty as my office.

And here’s old Sophie enjoying the rug in the upstairs book nook. She loved to lie in there in the morning when the sun spilled in their back door.

But of course, fucking Eco could hide a whole pack of dire wolves in his library and you'd never know.

Honestly, this is worse than that time Vargas Loser stole my Nobel Prize.