But I don't want to fight for the Empire...

The new Star Wars tactical fighter game looks pretty amazing. I could watch the gameplay video all day long.

Dave Milner (@DaveMilbo) has a nice write up over at the Smage (one of his first non Covid outings for a while) so I’ll leave the critical breakdown to him. Spoiler: he loved it.

It’s been a while since I’ve played anything (thanks, stupid multiple book deadlines) but this thing looks cinematically gorgeous, especially since nobody can actually go to the cinema anymore. One small detail spoke to me, the way starlight flared on the ‘weathered’ surface of an X-Wing. Beautiful.

To note, it’s VR compatible, which would be sick-makingly awesome, if my eyes weren’t getting fuzzier with every day.

But also noted, it seems you have to play through some sections as a Space Nazi which, lets face it, is what the Empire boils down to. I fucking hate Space Nazis. I’m writing a whole trilogy about how much. Deploy whiny tone: Why do I have to be one in this game?

Oh, well. I guess I better get back to writing about punching Space Nazis while I don’t play this game.