Beer calories?

Who’d a-thunk beer wasn’t entirely good for you? Or wine or whiskey? Or a big night on all three? I decided to have a break from the beers (and all the other adult beverages) a couple of weeks ago because I just couldn’t shake this chest infection I’d picked up.

Besides not being good for the immune system, drinking also interferes with my sleep, and getting more sleep is some of the best medicine I know.

So, three weeks dry, except for one G&T which I didn’t finish, and one Greek beer on Sunday, which I did. It was delicious. But I just had to punch a new hole in my belt, about an inch in from the last one, which I’d also added manually.

I can’t imagine its got anything to do with the 2000-3000 extra and empty calories I’ve been chugging down every week through Covid, until three weeks ago.

No way. Couldn’t possibly be.