Back into lockdown in 3...2...1...

It's not much consolation—well, none actually—but at least I called it. To be honest, I'd prefer not to have the filthy 'rona back and on the loose but as soon as they opened up the border the clock started ticking.

It's a bit depressing, innit.

I'd only just got my office back after sharing it for two months, and instantly my daily wordage pretty much doubled. Purely because I could use dictation software again. Huzzah!

I took a walk at lunch today, grabbed a cup of coffee and enjoyed the freedom to amble around wherever I felt like ambling. Reckon that'll be all over within a week. It's not just the two teenagers who came back from Melbourne and refused to quarantine. There'll be dozens, if not hundreds of other asymptotic carriers spreading the virus all over.

And all so that a bunch of tourist operators on the Gold Coast could bank a couple of weeks worth of trade.