25 years of Stargate.

I remember when I used to stare at the expensive box sets of SG1, wishing I hadn’t become a freelance writer so I could afford to buy them. Now, of course, you just stream the thing.

But it’s kinda sobering to think it’s been a quarter century since the TV series spun up, or rather spun off the movie. As Inverse points out, it was a bold choice for the producers.

…while the first Stargate did decently at the box office in 1994, it was a critical failure. To spin a TV show off from it — let alone a good one — was unusual. Imagine if The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior wasn’t a straight-to-DVD movie but somehow a successful TV show. Or if the very bad straight-to-video Starship Troopers sequels were instead weekly adventures. A TV sequel emerging several years after a movie, much less a TV sequel that’s good, was not a common occurrence.

I hadn’t thought about it until I read this piece, but Stargate was just as significant in kicking off the Golden Age of Television as Buffy or… wait for it… Melrose Place. It had season-long story arcs that still allowed for stand-alone episode development, and the characters all got these rich, dense personal histories that simply didn’t exist in TV writing earlier. (Tell me one thing about the Skipper or Gilligan before they got to the island).

I might do a rewatch, at least of my favourite episodes.