You've gone too far this time Xi Jinping!

I suspect a whole lotta of people are authoritarian-curious about how this video game crackdown in China is gonna go. The New York Times reports that:

China’s strict limits on how long minors can play online video games just got stricter. Chinese children and teenagers are barred from online gaming on school days, and limited to one hour a day on weekend and holiday evenings, under government rules issued Monday.

I mean, I guess they can do that given the whole massively oppressive Orwellian dictatorship energy they got going on, but I do wonder whether this is a bit fucking dumb. (At the same time as I recall the trouble we had getting Thomas off the big Box of X when he was supposed to be studying for his senior year. Oh how I would have loved to have had a couple of goons from the Ministry of State Security in my back pocket).

It’s all of a piece I guess with the chokehold on Hong Kong, and the Putin-style monstering of the emergent bizoid elites. It makes me wonder which chapter of Sun Tzu suggested stomping the shit out of everyone, everywhere, all at once. Just for the lulz.