When will I learn?

I spent many hours today dealing with Apple's help desk. It was a simple thing, really. But it chewed up about half of my day. When am I going to learn not to do this?

It was the touch ID button on my Apple wireless keyboard. It sort of died. That wouldn't stop me doing work, I knew, but it was like a flea in my ear, I just couldn't leave it alone. And so I typed the fatal search term into Google, and six hours later here we are, with a functional touch ID button, but no work done. Seriously, when am I going to learn?

In the half day process of working through this issue I also discovered that I hadn't updated my password in quite some time. I do have two factor authentication turned on, which is something. But now that old, probably breached password is sitting in my ear like a flea. Itching.

Surely nothing could go wrong if I just changed the password