Do you think my boss would understand if I explained that I would now be following this approach?

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Looks good . Just ordered it actually thanx

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Hi JB,

i couldn't find Where i saw you recommend leaving a Rating & Comment as that's how it rolls now, so given the nonspecific nature of this post, here's what i put in the Zero Day reviews..


".. this is, just like my opinion Man, but JB, is "THE" Best GEN-X Novelist to Wordsmith his Way to "Legend" status.. Not only can this Man convey to you, the complex intricacies of Australian share house accommodation, he can take you through the hard core Realities of the founding of The Southern Hemispheres most "Powerful" City , he can throw your Imagination into Inter-dimensional Wars & Cyber End-of- Days scenarios with consummate ease. All the while maintaining, in both Fiction & Non, Characters who are worthy of inhabiting for their Depth & Presence.

As i said, John Birmingham is an Author worthy of your Best Imagination.


PS.. in future editions of 'Leviathan', i was wondering if you could correct a Historical inaccuracy.

You mention a French Naval officer who made a sketch of 250 homes in Sydney Cove on 1802.

His actual name is,..

Charles Alexander Le Sueur (not, Leseur).

A minor point i know, but Charlie was one of my blood relatives and we actually spell it, 'Le SUEUR".

When he returned from the voyage, my Great Great Grandfather eventually heard about his travels downunder and packed us all into his small fleet of tall ships from Jersey in 1843. We are the first whitefellas to occupy "St Kilda".

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is this the same Mick Ryan as in retired general Mick Ryan?

I need an unplanned reading day. Things are getting on top of me - staring down the barrel of dad passing away soon (liver issues reaching the pointy end and now after a recent fall cracked ribs on top, its not looking good). Spent too many weekends and time off servicing other people in our life like weddings, and in-law duties, and the never ending kid stuff. Work is getting on top as its the busiest time of the year for me until something like November, its winter, and i have to ensure there is enough wood and the house is maintained enough so that when i do inevitably have to take off to look after mum and dad the girls at home are able to do day to day stuff without having to try and figure out frozen pipes or gas running out or somesuch. My mantra when things get tough is to put my head down and work through it - tends to work. But i wistfully look at that book pile and say "another day". I have audio books to fill the gaps but its still just not the same as sitting down and reading.

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I imagined it as kind of an updated Red Storm Rising? Sounds like it maybe a little less war gamey?

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