Ugh. Craig Kelly was on me.

I got another one of those spam texts from Clive Palmer’s protofascist UAP on the weekend. Some message from the bloated toad man Craig Kelly about the dangerous effects of getting Covid vaccines or some shit.

I felt the buzz on my wrist, lifted my Apple Watch, and there it was. Touching me.

Like most people I’ve had a few spam texts from Clive before. I routinely reply, ‘Go fuck yourself,’ even though I understand that no human being will ever see it.

But for some reason seeing it on my wrist was way more enraging than just reading it on a phone or an iPad. It felt much grosser.

Of course I replied that he should go fuck himself, but I confess I was also moved to reply to his Twitter account too. I may have overstepped a line.

I would delete it, but what would be the point? What’s the point of any of it with these dangerous idiots?