Truffle confirmed.

Due to reader demand, I had to return to Morning After and have another chicken benny for breakfast. I can now confirm that the hollandaise sauce is truffled.

Repeat. The hollandaise sauce IS truffled.

It wasn’t all reader service, though. I had to have that chicken benny again after fasting for another scan this morning. It was a DEXA body composition scan this time.

I’d been meaning to get one for a while, but it seemed indulgent at a couple of hundred bucks. The price dropped to about fifty when my nutritionist referred me, and she was the one who let me go wild on chicken bennies, so I always do what she says. 71g of protein. Booyah!

Fascinating results. Not much subcutaneous fat to cut. Most of it melted away when I turned off the grog taps. However, heaps of visceral fat packed tight around my gut—about five kilograms in all that has to go.

I’d better have another chicken benny and lift some weights.

(Don’t try this at home kids. You’ll get the chicken wrong, and I have a weird genetic trait that lets me torch cholesterol like a blast furnace. Sorry about that).