Toast is important.

This could have been called "protein is hard." I've been trying to get my fitness and health back under control after last year, and a big part of that is nutrition. A big part of nutrition is hitting my protein goal every day. This should be easy because I fucking love protein in all its forms. But man, it is a struggle. And I have it easier than most people because of my weird, genetic ability to consume heaps of fat without spiking my cholesterol levels. My GP is very impressed.

One thing I can't do, however, is magic the calories away. And hitting 170 g of protein a day means eating a metric shit ton of calories. It also means that if something I like doesn't have a ton of protein, I'm struggling to justify it in the daily chaff bag.

This morning I had trouble justifying a piece of toast with my scrambled eggs and salmon. It was a hundred calories I couldn't find anywhere else in the budget. And yeah, 100 cal isn't that much. But you string a couple of those decisions together for a day, and suddenly you're in trouble. So I decided I’d have my scrambled eggs and salmon without toast.

Never again. I mean, they tasted fine. I make a pretty mean plate of scrambled eggs. (The secret is to salt and whisk the eggs 15 minutes before you cook them). But without the crunchy contrast of a nice piece of toast, it was all just, I dunno, a bit soft and even slimy. That seems like an appalling thing to say about a perfectly decent plate of salmon and scrambled eggs, but here we are. It was slimy. There, I said it. Next time, there will be toast.