The worst most successful new cricket league in the world.

I loved this ABC story about the European Cricket League, set up by a West Australian, Daniel Weston…

Weston used to play state cricket for WA with the likes of Shaun Marsh, so it wasn't long before he was playing for the German national team.

What he decided to do next would alter the sporting landscape of an entire continent.

"We won against Sweden one night and there was a guy's brother there, and he did a Facebook live, filming us walk off the field," Weston said via Zoom at the ECN headquarters in Zurich.

"I thought, 'oh, that's really interesting', because he got a few thousand views of that, and I thought, 'who is watching the German cricket team walk off the field?''"

Turns out heaps.

This hilarious shitshow has exploded into one of the biggest sports in Europe, and nobody here noticed. The standards are… very ordinary. But it makes for great TV. Worth a read over lunch.