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While I’m excited by this first iteration, I’m more excited about where this product could be in 5-10 years. The first iPhone was…ordinary, but look at where we are now. That Gen 1, iphone 2g (lol) was released in June 2007. The vastly more polished, refined and IMHO gorgeous slab of glass known as the iPhone 4 was released in June, 2010 just 3 years later.

The first iPad was hilariously basic by today’s standards, however today the form factor is similar yet beefed up and refined to something I, for one, would miss like a lost limb.

I suspect in 5 years there will probably be a Vision for the masses. The revolution WILL be televised, and it will be in glorious 3D…

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On Fruitflavored Swimming Goggles: I must concur with Dave that I won't be an early adapter. I am waiting for what El Goog makes of this. Oh wait they already did: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Glass .

But seriously it will need to be something wireless and portable, with mature augmented reality features would I invest in it. Sure a massive screen is great, but if and when I'm writing I want to disengage from the screen quickly to gather thoughts. This would be great as a navigation aid or a fitness implement. Say coupled with a watch that monitors your vitals (heart rate and rythm, INR, glucose levels etc).

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Isn’t this just Minority Report sans Tom Cruise?

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OK that makes it way more compelling than anything else I'd seen/heard about it

The idea of expanding your virtual workspace from a single limited rectangle in front of you to encompass your entire physical workspace.

Also prob be good for you physically, get you moving around more

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great - all of a sudden three monitors on the desk at work sounds constraining

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Check out the latest goggles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0AlNLloC8A&ab_channel=GreenTV

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To my earlier point. This guy in the attached YouTube link may be described as an Apple fanboy, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

We are at stage 1. First iteration.

The iPad was soundly mocked when it was introduced as “just an iPhone with a bigger screen…” and it turned out to be the template for a whole new indispensable product category.


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As age is making my eyes become less useful as input devices, I'm especially interested in how "prescription" functional the Zeiss lens inserts that they mentioned are. I'm suspicious of the notion of doing detail work spread across poster-size displays at various apparent distances. I do like the idea of being able to spread out over a large area. Reminds me of printing out pages and spreading them across the floor, for review.

One of the big uses, apparently, for the VR-only goggles currently available (like the HTC Vive) is "wellness": meditation in various picturesque places. With this thing you could do something like the video conference thing of swapping out your background, but for your workspace. You could swap out your physical room for a beach, or nebula. Maybe only for short periods.

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