Virus of doubt ...hmm.... used to call them snake oil salesman as I recall.... cure anything from headaches to arthritis .. also worked on stains

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Step away from the computer.

The famous computer scientist Donald Knuth is reputed to have said "premature optimization is the root of all evil". He was referring to the error of making things more complicated on a hunch, before measuring the effect you were trying to improve.

For much of human activity, I'd say that "optimization" is the modern curse. Most things just don't need to be optimized. Good enough is good enough, and worrying about whether or not a different technique or tool would improve things by five or ten percent is effort wasted. Just go for a walk with the dog! Throw the ball for him a few times. OK, sure, you can use your fancy new weight machine afterwards, but only after the dog's happy.

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The folks over at https://www.strongerbyscience.com/ have some good virus-free advice.. as does, surprisingly, reddit.

In fact, they pushed out a neat free app ("Boostcamp") with a bunch of quality programs pre-installed for your lifting pleasure. It's pretty tidy.

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