The Storyteller’s Heaven

Congrats to Jason for the launch of his latest splodey/thinky sci-fi mash up. It’s the story of a 21st century combat vet who survives long enough to make it into the era of consciousness transfer and space colonisation. Our of his tired old broken down wrinkly carcass and into a nice new virtual rig to head out to the stars. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s a great Golden Age pastiche of some of my fave SF tropes. Even the cover art, by Jason’s daughter, is early 1950s Amazing Stories adjacent.

Some of you have been following progress on this over at Patreon, but for everyone else I have a sneaky little freebie.

It’ll cost you zero space bucks to buy at Amazon for the next few hours. (It’s also free at KU) and wherever you are in the world this universal link should take you to the nearest Beast of Bezos.

If you’re not a Kindle user however, I have another sneaky link, this time for book funnel, which lets you get your preferred ebook flavour without supporting Jeff’s invasion of Mars.

Go grab yourself a copy, and if you like it, leave a review.