The global supply chain crisis has one and only one upside.

It’s allowed me to dive deep into my barbecue reading while I’ve been waiting (yes I’m still waiting) for my XL Big Green Egg to arrive. I have no idea where it is. Somewhere on the high seas according to the BBQ place I bought it from, and who are no happier than me. My XL table for nesting my XL Egg inside is taking up space in their store while we all wait for late stage capitalism to get with the wish fulfilment.

But, as I said, there is one upside. I’ve read a heap of barbecue content, including a bunch of cook books from cover to cover. And I’ve discovered the joys of Texas Monthly. It’s like The New Yorker for cowboys and oilmen and they have a barbecue editor. Repeat. A editor whose only beat is barbecue.

I get my copy through my Apple News+ subscription, but I think y’all can probably get in through the website anyways.

This charming as hell write up of a gas station - yep, a gas station - is pretty durn typical.

It’s all friendly, as friendly as friendly gets—as much as you’d hope for and want at a North Texas gas station and healthy-food store that once featured a fro-yo toppings bar (endless sprinkles and the fresh-made salsa bar went away when COVID-19 arrived). There’s Noble Coyote espresso from a local Dallas roastery, strong enough to raise the double-dead (that’s zombies after they’ve been beheaded). On a recent visit, Noble Coyote’s co-owner Kevin Sprague popped behind the coffee counter, clacking his espresso beans and tamping them down himself. A curtain of roasted-chocolate and dark-wood aromas drops over the space….

How about a cheeseburger and fries? Green Spot has a simple and reliable heart-warmer (they will do a true medium rare if you ask) with cheddar or pepper jack. The beef patty is flat-grilled and seasoned with just a little salt and pepper. The juices are locked in behind the seared crust. That good, greasy juice runneth over onion, lettuce, and tomato between the soft bun. This cheeseburger works best as a dine-in meal, first bite enjoyed seconds after it’s been on that searing griddle.