Sydney Lockdown

It’s a fraught business innit, planning interstate travel? We were looking at maybe travelling to Tassie in the winter, but decided not to because they’re even quicker to shut the borders than WA. Thought maybe Sydney in late August, but not so much now. Maybe they’ll get this Delta Variant outbreak under control, maybe not.

Until the vaccine rollout gets… er… rolling properly, and until there’s more purpose built quarantine facilities, this shit will just keep happening. Especially with the virus raging in places like India and Brazil, throwing off new mutations every couple of weeks.

Jason Lambright and I have had this pandemic series planned for a while. He’s even written most of his contribution. I thought it best to hold off on publication until there’s some space between the worst of the death toll and publication. I do worry we’ve been prescient, however, writing a story about a variant that comes roaring out of China, killing enough people to collapse civilisation.

Anyway, I’m not especially hopeful of making it to Olde Sydneytown in August. The problem with travel is that if you go far enough, even within the country, you become dependent on the airlines to get you home in the case of a snap lockdown, and they just don’t have the surge capacity at the moment. Might be heading back to Yamba instead.