Smiley is dead.

John Le Carré passed away overnight. I listened to his last novel Agent Running in the Field on Audible a couple of months ago and made a note to write something about it. It was, of course, beautifully written. Le Carré narrated the audiobook himself, which I found a bit odd, at least to begin with. He is, or was, an old man and he sounds like it. It turns out he is also a talented voice actor and if he’d recorded this audiobook when he was a couple of decades younger, he may well have been perfect. My only quibble with the production was that it was a bit hard at first to imagine myself into the character of Nat, a 47 year old member of the British secret intelligence service, when the voice in my head was very obviously a man in his late 80s. I got around it by simply telling myself I was listening to an old man tell me about his younger adventures.

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