Scientists talking about the science of AstraZeneca. For a change.

This is twenty-minutes well spent, especially if like me you’ve already had your first AstraZeneca shot. Fran Kelly interviews Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green, the lead scientists on the Oxford University/AZ project to cook up a vaccine for Covid-19.

There’s been a metric shit ton of hysteria and political malfeasance around the safety of AZ, but it remains the workhorse of the British and European response to the vid. And it’s been hugely successful there.

One of the early knocks against it was the apparent superiority of the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. A lot of people still think that AZ lags badly behind them in protecting against the virus. But it doesn’t. Not if you have the booster shot 12 weeks after the first jab. With that second jab, the efficacy of AZ increases to over 90%. Just like Pfizer.

The interview is cool because its one of the rare occasions we get to hear a couple of scientists talking about the science, rather than having to listen to politicians spinning and straight up bullshitting to cover their arses.