Recuperative reading.

I head into hospital tomorrow to get the last of that crap drained out of my lungs and for a bunch of tests to try work out what it was doing there. I’ll probably be in for four nights because of the stent - ie. the garden hose I’ll wake up with jammed through my ribs.

I loaded up the iPad with plenty of TV and movies. It’s a good chance to catch up on my stack o’ shame. I’m taking the Kindle with some Le Carre, but I wanted to have a trad paperback too and was wondering what would suit when I remembered I hadn’t cracked the seal on Peter Corris’s final Cliff Hardy novel.

This is a tough one, because once I read it, I have no more new Cliff to look forward to. But it seems the time is here.

I’ve saved Loki for this stay, and I’m gonna try the first season of The Last Kingdom.

Work wise, I’ll try write this Friday’s column early and I have a chapter of 3.1 set in a hospital, so I’ll see if feel up to playing around with that.

Kinda hoping to get the self administered morphine drip though, so… we’ll see.