Pay me in exposure. No, you pay me *for* exposure.

I used to be a contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine, which sounds a lot cooler than it was. Basically, if you hung around long enough you got to be one, because they weren't going to pay you any more for your copy. Still, I learned a lot working for that magazine, wrote a few stories I still think of fondly, and had a whole heap of fun. There were lots of free tickets to concerts and stuff like that. And they let me sleep on the couch.

It was beyond disappointing, trending towards really fucking upsetting actually, to learn that the old rag had given itself over to pimped editorial.

Basically, you can buy your way into the publication now. Some bullshit, bottom feeding scheme which charges complete idiots $2000 to give them access to the editorial section of the website. It's promoted as being a way for "thought leaders" to put themselves out there, but the use of the phrase "thought leader" should tell you al you need to know about this shit.

It's a desperate, undignified grab for funds from a once proud masthead. Hunter S Thompson would be rolling in his grave, if he hadn't had his ashes shot into orbit.