Not this time, Mister Bezos.

I had a reminder on the weekend that sometimes analogue wins. I’d been meaning to replace a pair of old gi pants for jujitsu. The ones I'm wearing at the moment have been destroyed by the grading process I'm going through. I looked online to price a replacement pair or two, checking on shipping rates, and of course, paying a visit to the Beast of Bezos. Spendy.

Then on Saturday, I found myself out at Mount Gravatt with Jane, who was visiting some obscure frock shop to buy a work blazer, when I remembered there was a funny little store that did kids’ clothing and martial arts supplies just up Logan Road. Like a two- or three-minute walk and a quick dash across seven lanes of traffic. I figured I’d check them out. Better than hanging around the frock shop.

There was the usual curious arrangement of knitted onesies and baby rompers in the front door. I still have no idea what's going on there. But inside they had what I needed. And the price was about one-third of what I’d pay online. I picked up two pairs. Would a $100 discount be enough to get me into the car to drive all the way out there any other day? Probably not. As I said we just happened to be out in the boonies doing something else. But maybe I should change that attitude. Convenience is one thing, and price gouging is another.