Not so easy, is it boys?

I pay for a sub to a publishing industry newsletter called The Hot Sheet. It’s great, but only if you make your quids from the writing and publishing grift. I did love this item from today’s mailout however. I mentioned Salman Rushdie and some of the other big dick Lit guys moving to Substack a while back.

Apparently, it’s not going well.

Newsletter fatigue sets in for Rushdie and others. The Hot Sheet.

We’re not even at the six-month mark since some of the star-powered Substack and Facebook newsletter deals were announced, and at least one outlet is reporting that “newsletter writer fatigue” has set in. Andrew Federov at Off the Record reports (subscription required) that Salman Rushdie has been reduced to “writing up lackluster ask me anythings” and Malcolm Gladwell is “scraping out lukewarm takes that would make even the most harried web editor grimace.”