Morning walk.

Mark Twain it was who thought of golf as a perfectly good walk, ruined. One nice thing that happened recently was the city council grabbing back a big old wedge of land that had been alienated from public use by a golf course. It’s over near the Kelvin Grove campus of QUT, where I’ve been walking of a morning to try get some breath back into my lungs after the operation.

It only just occurred to me the other day that I could be strolling through the grounds of the old course, rather than hiking around the campus, waiting for Jane to finish her morning swim.

It was my best idea yet.

A couple of square miles of manicured lawns, tiny forests, little lakes and occasional sand pits, all traversed by commodious walking paths. It is one of the nicest walks I’ve yet found, and with all the hills, I can dial the intensity up or down as I choose. I will eventually get back to the gym and the dojo, but for now this is perfectly pleasant, especially at dawn.