Lunch with Staffo

I started the day with a double migraine. First one just after midnight, and then a second barrel in the face just as I was rolling up to the gym. So it was never going to be a heavy writing day.

Highlight was definitely catching up with old mate Andrew Stafford for lunch at Fiddleleaf Cafe.

Andrew’s recently joined the zipper club (he had poached eggs) and even more recently been allowed to drive for the first time in a couple of months so he popped over my side of the river for a quick feed.

I had a karaage chicken burger which was great - a very pleasant change from my usual lunch; 40 mins of weight training or heavy bag work followed by a protein shake.

After the sad news about Dean Jones the talk of two middle-aged white men naturally drifted to the cricketers of yesteryear and specifically the fast bowlers of our youth. He’d met Dennis Lillee. I once went to a coaching session with Jeff Thomson. (Me and about 600 other school boys in Ipswich).

Andrew, for those who don’t know him, is both a football writer (AFL) and a music journo and I was glad of a chance to thank him for putting me onto Emma Swift’s amazing indie album Blonde on the Tracks. A collection of Dylan covers so good that I insta-bought it.

He’s written about it, better than I ever could, over at his Patreon Page, and for free.

Go check it out.