Jabbed! And puffed!

I just got back from my first COVID shot (AZ). Had to wait the usual fifteen minutes but didn’t sprout any glowing tentacles so they let me go. As I was walking back to the car I saw some Korean hole in-the-wall selling a sort of cream puff pastry I haven’t had since I was last in Seoul.

This was like a pat on the head from the karma gods. I tried to buy one, but the serving girl (whose English was better than my Korean, but still not great) gave me to understand there was a $10 Eftpos minimum. I was jonesing for that cream puff so bad I bought three and gave two away to a couple of passersby.

It wasn’t as exquisite as the ones I used to get in Seoul, but they came from some insanely high end bakery anyway. I very much enjoyed mine. I have no idea what the two strangers I foisted a couple of spares on made of theirs.