Hold on, are you stating here that you actually haven't finished proofing American Kill Switch for ebook and paperback? This was supposed to be completed months ago. FFS. I've been waiting, money poised, to pounce on Amazon as soon as it's released. The tension has been killing me; and yet here I now find that all this tension was in vain.


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I'm interested in a thing called the Remarkable, the device looks similar/same as that, a notepad, or annotating docs, and is e-ink based. I'm already well ensconced in the Bezos-ecosystem, unfortunately, so this could be an option too.

The Remarkable 'offers' an archiving option by subscription (free trial and then opt out after a month or two), or I could store my notes by emailing them as PDFs to myself. Given it'd be a work thing (and tax-deductible, wonder of wonders), I don't know if I'd want my near incoherent scrawls to be stored who knows where, but the alternative is remembering to save notes through a manual process.

If you'd like to take the hit and do a set product comparison/reviews for us, JB, it'd be most appreciated.

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looks good

might be easier to read digital comics since Amazon bought out comixcology and made a useful comic reading app into crap.

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