I’ve been following the discussion about the role of drones in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war for a couple of months. (I know. I have the best hobbies). This feature in Popular Mechanics is one of the better ones and much easier to read than most mil-technical journals. My thanks to Bob Heather for the link.

I can’t help feeling that Dutts should be dropping a couple of billion on this stuff before he pisses away hundreds of billions on SSNs that won’t get here before China’s demographic collapse half way done.

In the first Gulf War, the U.S.-led coalition exploited the incipient GPS system in order to navigate its forces and target its air strikes against Iraqi forces. The aerial advantage contributed to the rapid destruction of Saddam Hussein’s once-mighty army. Now, 30 years later, Azerbaijan used a similar revolution in aerial technology to reverse a decades-long stalemate in just 44 days. The defensive advantage of Armenian forces meant nothing against an opponent that owned the skies. While drones will not completely revolutionize state-on-state warfare, they can quickly turn the balance of combat in the favor of those who possess them and can mobilize them. It is a development that America’s enemies are closely watching.