Dopamine Jones.

So I’m sitting in this cafe. Right now, writing this entry on my phone. Because I’m trying to stay off Twitter and FaceZuck.

It’s like jonesing for a cigarette or a shot of sweet, sweet morphine. The cafe is unavoidable. I had a job to do on the other side of the city so I needed breakfast on the run.

But it’s disturbing to me how much of a degenerate social media junkie I’ve become. I’ve got all this other stuff on my phone that I could do and the first thing my twitchy fingers try to do all on their own as soon as I sit down is open up the bird site.

I’m logged out and that small moment friction saved me. But I felt like I had to post this whether anyone read it or not. Just to get out of the spiral.

I’d have to do some googling to call up the neurotransmitter the platform designers are all targeting. It think it’s dopamine. And let me tell ya, a really hard dopamine jones is a helluva thing.

I might need two breakfast sandwiches to get past it.