Dead queen day.

One of the things about working for yourself is you don't get days off. Unless you feel like a day off, of course, and then you just take it. But other people's holidays tend to sneak up on you.

I keep forgetting that tomorrow is a holiday throughout what's left of the former British empire, or maybe just the antipodean bits of it. I'm not sure. Anyway, the shops are closed. Other than my jujitsu class in the evening being cancelled, I probably wouldn't have noticed. I know Jane is going into the office as normal, and the bakery is open so Thomas is working too.

I don't really have any feelings about the holiday, because I have no skin in that game. But I guess if I was running a business that had taken a few hits the last couple of years, or if I was a freelancer in the field where the shutdown affected me, I'd be pretty pissed off. Your average punter, however? I've got no idea.