Cold turkey

I've mostly been off the socials the last week or two, and I gotta say, I don't mind it. I’ve tried to spend as little time as possible on Facebook the last couple of years anyway because it is a toxic suck hole. But I had a pretty bad Twitter habit which got really out of hand earlier this year thanks to the Ukraine situation.

I didn't pull the plug on the bird site completely. I just made a rule that if I wanted to check Twitter or post something to it, I had to do it on my iPad, which has the app. And then I left my iPad upstairs when I went down to my office. I signed out of the site on all my other devices.

It's amazing how introducing just that small amount of friction can pull you out of the slack-jawed, drooling doom loop of posting and reading, posting and reading, day after day.

If feels weird when I do dip my toe back in, usually at the end of the day, or late at night. Everyone is still going on with the same old shit they go on with all the time, the same old shit I’ve gone on with for more than 10 years, I suppose. It never ends. But when you’re out of it for a couple of days it looks profoundly weird when you go back.

I used to love it as a service. Think I'm just a dopamine slave to it now. Better that I stay away while I get my deadlines sorted out.

Blogging is good, but. I managed a solid eight hours of book writing before I wrote this.