Closing the Eye of Sauron

I've got a new rule. I can read Twunter and Farcebook anytime I want, but not on my phone or desktop. The iMac is for work and my phone is for anything other than Twunter and Farcebook. (I do use my phone for work, mostly for el Goog and running an app called Forest which plants a little digital tree for every pomodoro session I finish. It can also plant real trees out in the world of real things if you get enough points, which I think I almost have).

Anyways, the idea is to introduce just enough friction to stop myself from spiralling down a social media hole. I have the Twitter app on my iPad, and my iPad stays upstairs. I don't put Zuck's Eye of Sauron on my pad, because eew! But either way, if I get the urge to doom scroll the pad is right there. Upstairs. Yep. All the way up those stairs.

That's usually enough faffing around to make me realise I really don't want to do that. I've introduced more friction to the desktop and phone by simply signing out of the websites on those devices. It's scary how mindless most of our social media behaviour has become. It's like an autonomic response. Feel the slightest bit of discomfort, boredom, ennui, whatever... and BOOM. There you are, neck deep in some bullshit thread.

The other thing I did a little while back was mute a few people. I didn't want to block or unfollow them because they're friends. Like, real friends. But they post and they post and they post about politics and frankly, I can do without that shit in my life. I'm hoping that after a little time out they might have calmed down.

I doubt it, to be honest. But it's worth a try.