Clean scan.

I spent most of the morning waiting on a call from my chest specialist to give me the results of the scan I had on my lungs last week. He had told me not to worry about it, but once you’ve been in the giant magical doughnut, you can’t help but worry about what it’s gonna find.

This scan found that all the little nodules were still there but not doing anything. And, as the doc explained, you could grab everyone walking through the Queen Street Mall, scan them, and find mystery nodules in at least half. Not that he does this. Or at least I don’t think so. Maybe once a year, and only with the slower moving punters.

Still, I could’ve done without the cliffhanger.

I have another scan tomorrow, but this one is friendlier, a Dexa full body scan to tell me exactly how much fat I’m carrying and where I packed it in. I’ll have another one in six months and see if this strength training program has made any difference.