We replaced our old solar panels about a year ago. The inverter had died and although we could have just swapped it out, the panels were ten years old and solar tech has come a long way in the last decade. So, I got the provider to max our rooftop coverage and… boom! Even though we lost the old 41c feed in tarrif, we still end up making money off the install.

When I checked we were a nearly a grand in credit on the power bill.

What I’m thinking now though is BATTERIES.

Or one big battery, anyway.

Even with me working from home running the aircon through summer, and the pool pump going half the day, we’re still exporting to the grid. It’d be nice to hold onto that juice I reckon, and spend it on some more aircon at night. Brisbane nights in summer have always been pretty foul but they’re getting worse as the climate changes.

Be nice to run some chilled air after dark without adding to the problem.